Nepal is very diverse both in terms of geography, climate, ethnicity, and culture. Diverse geography and climate mean a wide availability of diverse ingredients for food, and when prepared by different ethnic and cultural groups from different regions, gives us an interesting and wide array of eclectic spread of dishes.

Authentic Newari Cuisine at Bhaktapur

The Nanee is an experiential property and therefore, menus are prepared using seasonal ingredients from all over Nepal. We remain conscious of carbon footprints, local tradition, and culture, supporting local farmers and the value chain while concurrently making sure that our food is delectable for our guests and visitors to enjoy

We care for our guests’ well-being and the quality of the food which we provide to them. We believe that serving a seasonal menu will allow our guests to experience Nepal in that season through the palate. We, therefore, source all possible ingredients from local and regional farmers and suppliers.

We also serve exquisite High Mountain-certified organic tea that is exported all over the world. If you are a coffee drinker, we also serve a specialty Nepali coffee that is known for its distinct aroma and complex flavor notes with a hint of acidity.

At The Nanee, we aspire to present our guests and visitors with a delightful gastronomical experience without diverging away from their comfort zone. You will get to test authentic Newari cuisine in Bhaktapur. We are the best cafe which will provide the best dining service.