Boutique accommodation is often described as Trendy, Modern, Small, Glamourous, and so on. The Nanee is all of these things, plus much more.

The Nanee is handcrafted as a showcase of the local culture within Bhaktapur. A comfortable oasis where guests connect and experience the living heritage of Bhaktapur and for visitors/dwellers to ensure the preservation of the Newar culture within one of the oldest living historical cities in the world. The Nanee is the best boutique accommodation in Bhaktapur. The Nanee can more appropriately be described as a deluxe homestay.

The Nanee is a unique 18-room, a bespoke boutique oasis in the heart of Bhaktapur providing stylish, quality and comfortable accommodation with superior purposed handcrafted experiences and services.

It appeals to the well-travelled sophisticated and discerning travelers who are seeking a deluxe comfortable retreat in an ancient city full of color and life.

Bhaktapur itself is only a 40-minute drive from the center of Kathmandu but virtually all visitors to Kathmandu visit the area for at least one or more days. The Nanee is the only truly boutique accommodation located in Bhaktapur. Alternatives are usually guest houses which are clean and comfortable but lack all the modern facilities and services demanded by the more sophisticated 21st. century traveler.

The owners and management of the Nanee have described their mission as being to provide a unique, bespoke boutique oasis in the heart of Bhaktapur providing stylish, quality, and comfortable accommodation with superior purposed handcrafted experiences and services. They have designed and positioned The Nanee to establish itself as the most out boutique accommodation, not only in Bhaktapur but also throughout Nepal. They encourage dwellers to connect with each other and experience the joy of community life through an exploration of the local art & architecture, cuisine, hand-made crafts, festivals and traditions.

All elements & services of the property are not only experiential but as well a learning center with a sense of responsibility for the local community.

Unlike traditional hotels, The Nanee can more properly be described as a deluxe homestay.

Our sole purpose is to showcase the traditions & cultural experiences of this ancient city.

Any boutique property, no matter how visually appealing, is only as good as the staff who provide all the services required by guests. At the Nanee, staffs are more than team members and colleagues, they are a family.

– They are trustworthy and deliver on promises.

– They always take responsibility for problems that have been identified, never passing the buck.

– They are always constructive with feedback and are rational, not emotional. They come with answers, not problems.

–Nannee hosts and team members are warm and welcoming.

– They share their smiles and knowledge generously.

– They are genuinely interested in the individuals they encounter, be they visiting residents or visiting locals.

– They invite the world outside to their home inside, providing more useful services for the local community, and more fascinating experiences for our travelers.

– It’s the reason why the team supports and invests in the local community

The Nanee management and team welcomes visitors from all lands and cultures. The staff and management anticipate that many of the guests will have previously experienced some of the world’s popular locations and are now looking for a more authentic and unique experience

The Accommodation-Best Boutique Accommodation in Bhaktapur

The Nanee’s unique concept was created with a focus on both classical and modern design that embraces the style and ambience of the local area and tradition.

Each of the 18 guestrooms and suites reflects the style of local Newari culture and charm based on Kathmandu Valley’s unique heritage. All accommodation provides the comforts of a boutique style of hotel and is suitable for both couples and and individual travellers.

The Nanee provides several venues for quiet contemplation, story telling and dining experiences. One highlight of the venues is the Rooftop Bar where guests can gather and enjoy wine and local cheese or cold cut platters while experiencing the sunset or depending on time of year to watch the moon rise over the Himalayas.

Bhaktapur itself is a compact cluster of courtyards where community living epitomizes Newar settlements. This is reflected in the design of The Nanee  which helps to give a feel and flavor of the uniqueness of the Newar culture.

A visit to Bhaktapur and The Nanee connects the traveler with the people, culture, and inner self. It provides an experience of the Newar culture, cuisine, architecture, crafts, and spirituality.

Bhaktapur allows visitors to immerse themselves in the unique culture of the Kathmandu Valley, and connect with the living heritage, people, and self.